Fabbritory is a design and fabrication company focusing on low-quantity prototypes and premium products for hobbyists, entrepreneurs and businesses. We educate people of all backgrounds the process of creating a product from just an intangible idea to a tangible mass. It’s nothing like having a product of your idea in your hands! By utilizing different tools and machines of conventional and digital fabrication, we are determined to empower people to think analytically and creatively in customizing their needs.


Making Malaysia one of the leading countries of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

through design thinking and access to state-of-the-art machines.


We can switch between tools and machines easily and quickly to create a product.

for customers who increasingly expect their products and services to deliver the way they want when they want.

 get greater accuracy in the product development process, and find better value and longevity through research and tests.

an ideal way to make enough volume to be sellable without creating an unsustainable burden of inventory.

A local production line allows a better understanding of the relationship, business, and process, create a cost-effective and sustainable product, provides more training and job opportunities while maintaining high-quality skills.

  • To be a one-stop workshop for all your fabrication needs. 

  • To customize and personalize 

  • To prototype a product so that it ensures to know better manufacturing cost,

  • To cater for low-volume manufacturing,

  • To fabricate everything here and proud!



Director and Co-founder Fabbritory


"Stay hungry, stay foolish"

― Steve Jobs


Director and Co-founder Fabbritory


"It all begins and ends in your mind, what you give power to has power over you."

― Leon Brow